Governor Mitt Romney for President?
Mitt Romney the Governor of Massachusetts is running for President again in 2012. Romney was been a popular governor in a state that normally elects Democrats. He is moderately conservative. He is opposed to gay marriage and he is now opposed to abortion after changing his mind on it a couple years ago.
Mitt Romney has been considered the favorite to win the Republican nomination but has many serious challengers like the Governor or Texas, Rick Perry and now Herman Cain whom is rising in many opinion polls. If he wins the nomination and takes on Obama polls show him in a close race. Governor Romney is a popular Governor of Massachusetts and will be able to run strong across the country but particularly in the North East where few Republicans have fared well in recent election. Obviously he will be a strong candidate in his home state but also neighboring states of Maine and New Hampshire. If Romney wins most of the states McCain won and that often lean Republican for President he will be able to run strong in traditionally Blue, Democrat leaning states, with many electoral votes in the New England states. Making him a strong candidate for the 2012 election.
One advantage he will have is that coming from a Democrat state he will be viewed as moderate or moderate/conservative and that will help him in the general election against Obama who is viewed as very liberal. Coming from a position as a moderate helps pick up the middle ground and softens a candidates positions they take on issues. It's not usually good to look so hard line. People like confident candidates to vote for, but they don't support candidates whom are seen as extreme or can be portrait by an opponent as out of the mainstream.
Governor Mitt Romney has another advantage over most of the other candidates except for Governor Perry. Romney is a governor and that helps him immensely. The other two Governors running are not top candidates. Going back many Presidential elections, Governors have won many times. President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan were all Governors first before being elected President. It's becoming almost necessary to be elected governor first to be a serious candidate for President and winning.
Take the poll: if you support Gov. Mitt Romney for President or not. One thing is certain, Governor Mitt Romney will almost certainly be a leading candidate through out the primaries and is a serious candidate for President of the United States.

Would you vote for Governor Mitt Romney for President?
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